Vivian Tsao 曹志漪
Ray in the Study by Vivian Tsao pastel  書房裡的瑞 . 邵茲  曹志漪作  粉彩

"The painting process is by no means solitary, for I try to capture my momentary responses to light.When a scene speaks to me and I begin to paint, I explore what I see via the art language. At the same time, I let the form and light in life trigger the interior landscape in me."  Vivian Tsao

"繪畫的過程並不孤獨,因為我試圖捕捉我對光的感受。當生活的景象使我有感而彂,我於是提筆作畫時,我透過繪畫的語言去探索景物;同時,我也讓眼前的形與光,觸發我的內在風景。"  曹志漪

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